Whiteness Project

Copper, Brass, Acrylic Urethane, Stainless steel

My project about whiteness explores and draws attention to white privilege and the normative standards in our culture. I am utilizing text in my work as a primary vehicle for expression of a complex subject. The text on the brooches are based on collected statements and rendered in typographical images that depict the rigidity and ambiguity of whiteness. Jewelry is a marginal art form that is oftentimes underestimated in its potential for messages. But it can retrieve a medium that is unexpected, conversational, intimate, detailed and personal.

The whiteness brooches are nuanced and hard to decipher. The brooches are markers that reveal how much non-white people meet racism in every moment in everyday subtle actions. It is not a giant protest, it reveals an intimacy, an attention marker that happens between just one person by one person.