Flexible Necklace

Brass, Platinum Silicone, Acrylic Urethane lacquer

This series of work is defined by three dimensional line arrangements. These necklaces are significant because they emphasize the differences in how we see an object when it is on the body versus when it is off: lying flat on the table the necklaces look like drawings, stiff and undefined, but on the body they transform into objects that simultaneously connote both flexibility and rigidity - as the human body itself does. To create this contrast I used different lengths of square metal tubes connected with silicone hinges. My interest is in simple structures: taking a complex idea and finding new ways to wear the neckpieces. To vary the forms I explored different arrangements of the tubes – closed and open forms. During the process of making these pieces I was continually discovering new possibilities, carefully observing balance and movement, delicacy and contrast – the possibilities are infinite.